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We have really enjoyed welcoming guests back to Brooke House. 

As we now move to Step 4 of the Government’s Roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions on 19 July this is our latest COVID-19 update.  We still hope to provide the safest environment we possibly can, to allow you to enjoy your holiday on the Isle of Wight whilst also easing some of our strict measures which have been in place prior to 19 July.

The measures listed below are subject to change. We will keep you updated here.

  • We have installed non-contact hand sanitiser units in public areas. These will remain in place and we strongly encourage the use of them.
  • Whilst we are no-longer required by law to wear face coverings, in certain situations we will still choose to do so. We will still wear gloves where we feel it is appropriate to do so.
  • Face coverings are no-longer mandatory for guests in communal areas. It is your personal choice.
  • All high traffic, contact areas will still be disinfected regularly throughout the day.
  • Windows will be open as much as possible to allow extra ventilation.
  • Our Guest Lounge will reopen on Monday 19 July.
  • Our outdoor seating area will also be available.
  • We will reintroduce our information leaflets, maps and booklets.
  • Keys will still be disinfected between guests.
  • Non-essential items have been returned to the bedrooms.
  • In addition to our already rigorous cleaning regime, we will still be disinfecting surfaces in your room between guests. We will also be leaving a new cloth and bottle of sanitiser in your room should you feel there is anything you wish to sanitise whilst staying.
  • You will find that your TV remote control is in a new plastic bag. It should remain in the bag (they do still work, we’ve checked!). Obviously, the bag will then be changed between guests. This measure will be remaining in place as TV remote controls are so difficult to clean effectively.
  • We will service rooms daily providing you have left your room for a long enough period to allow us to do this. However, it will still not be the usual service. In order to minimise any potential spread of COVID-19, we will still not touch any of your personal possessions, bedding or towels. We will empty bins, replenish hospitality trays where necessary and clean your en-suite. Please inform us if you do not want us to come into your room.
  • Our dining room will return to normal on 19 July. We have always assigned guests to a particular table on arrival and this will remain.
  • We will not be providing a buffet at breakfast. This does mean you will have to pre-order all parts of your breakfast. We will still have the same level of choice including juices, cereals, yogurts, Full English Breakfast, lighter options, toast, marmalades, preserves and hot drinks. We still feel that a buffet is not appropriate so this measure will remain in place.
  • In addition to this, for those who do not wish to join us for breakfast. you will still be able to pre-order a “packed breakfast” to collect in the morning after breakfast service has finished.
  • We will still be offering our usual pre order evening meals. We may have to limit numbers depending on demand.
  • We will still be providing guests with additional ways of contacting us during their stay – this will include a mobile number for calls and texts our email address and Messenger details.

NHS Test and Trace 

The rules on NHS Test and Trace will change again on 19 July. We will no-longer be legally obliged to collect the name and contact details of every guest coming to Brooke House. However, we will still have our NHS QR code on the front door and on reception and encourage all guests to continue to use it. This is to ensure everyone receives the necessary public health advice in a timely manner.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 whilst staying at Brooke House.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 whilst staying at Brooke House you must inform Hana & Steve immediately and you and the rest of your holiday party must go into self-isolation immediately. Hana & Steve will make suitable arrangements for food, drink and medical supplies to reach you. You must then request a test by calling 119 or via the internet www.nhs.uk/coronavirus You will need to enter our post code to get a test on the Isle of Wight (Newclose Cricket Ground in Newport). Our postcode is PO37 7AL. If your test is negative you can continue your holiday. If a positive test result is returned Hana & Steve will assist you in making travel arrangements to return home at the earliest possible opportunity. You will not be able to remain in self-isolation at Brooke House. If you are not able to complete your holiday our normal terms and conditions will apply and you will not be refunded for any days of your holiday not taken.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 before travelling

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not travel. We have made some changes to our terms and conditions to allow you to move your stay.

COVID-19 Holiday Amendments

  • If for any reason linked to COVID-19 you feel you need to amend your booking at Brooke House we have added some flexibility to our usual terms and conditions. You can now amend your holiday and use the same deposit for a holiday up until the end of our season in 2022. If you cannot commit to new dates immediately, we are happy to leave your deposit “floating” until such time that you can re-book. If, by amending your stay, at short notice we have incurred any costs, such as a ferry booking, you will still be liable for these costs.